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>>>  Male Domination

>>> Male Domination

Male domination, or masculine sexual dominance, also known as Maledom, refers to a dominant attitude of man in sexual relations between ...

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>>> Bdsm Practices

BDSM is a term created to encompass a group of erotic practices and fantasies. It is an acronym that combines the resulting acronyms of Bondage and Discipline; Domination and Submission; Sadism and Masochism ...

>>> Sexual Fetishism

>>> Sexual Fetishism

Fetishism is the use of symbols or fetishes to which they are associated, on the part of those who practice them, a special value, beyond their daily use or their intrinsic value ...

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>>> Role Playing Games

It is the type of practice in which different social or gender roles are assumed during a BDSM session. Commonly the role play represents through fetishes the dominant and submissive condition ...

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Male Domination. MaleDom in Spain

Bondage, Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism, Fetishism, Role Playing and Other Practices, with regular Sessions in Madrid and in Barcelona, but also in other cities of Spain.

I am Sebastian Dominantis, Master and Lord Maledom. Bdsm Professional and Fetish for All Spain. In Me you will find a Straight Man, Imposing and Manly, Cultured and Elegant. With My Attractive, My Athletic Body, My Strong Presence and Character I will submit you in every way imaginable, from the subtle softness to the maximum hardness, from the sensual eroticism to the most morbid sexual perversion. Always in a safe, healthy and consensual way, respecting at all times the limits established and previously agreed between us.

As a Professional Master I am of a very dominant nature but nevertheless of great empathy, which allows me to dominate and submit you always in the best possible way, adapting myself to each situation, to each session, to each practice, to each submissive, in a personalized way. At all levels, whether you have previous experience or just know this wonderful world of unique sensations and want to start or advance in the best hands, those of a professional, Sebastian Dominantis, who lives for and for the Maledom through the Bdsm and Fetish.

With me, Sebastian Dominantis, you can enjoy your own Professional Masculine Domination, living intensely and in first person thousands of possibilities as those suggested in the following introductory glossary: ​​MaleDom, BDSM, Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism, Fetishism, Sexual Fantasies, Roleplaying, Erotic Power Exchange, Master, Submissive, Attachments, Immobilization, Rope, Chains, Handcuffs, Mummification, Gag, Hook, Ring, Ball, Band, Mask, Flagellation, English Discipline, Flogger, Paddle, Canne, Rod, Whip, Belt, Spanking, Hand, Caning, Body and Genital Torture, Torture Breasts, Nipples, Areolas, Wax, Ice, Tweezers, Chopsticks, Trampling, Tickling, Insertion Objects, Vagina, Anus, Asshole, Sodomization, Anal Dilation, Fisting, Dildo, Harness, Plug, Stimulator, Dilator, Humiliation, Degradation, Transformism, Forced Bisexuality, Sexual Exclavitude, Face Sitting, Erotic Asphyxia, Chastity Control, Denial Orgasm ... and much more.


Relationships of Domination and submission, are generally little or poorly understood for those who do not know them, for those who do not live and enjoy them. Like so many other things in life, a common consequence of a lack of knowledge of its real functioning.

Increasingly normalized and accepted, thanks to all the information available in a globalized world, Domination submission relationships are increasingly accepted. Once you understand its meaning and correct way of carrying out.


We are millions of people in the world, who know how to enjoy a healthy alternative sexuality based on respect and consensus. Normally accepting the diversity of people and their different sexual preferences.

This My Web is a small contribution, I hope you find it interesting to provide the light you need if you still do not know this wonderful world of sensations. I hope I can help you to know and make new forms of pleasure come true.